Engagement Session Styling | Carroll Tice Photography

“What NOT to Wear (I secretly wish I was Stacy London and Clinton was my BFF)“

I’m often asked, “what do we wear for our engagement session?” The short answer is…wear what you are comfortable in.

Repeat after me “dress for YOUR body type, NOT what is in style”. Rompers may be in high fashion, but not everyone is comfortable in them! Just be you and the photos will truly reflect your happiness! If in doubt, ask your most honest friend to help you pick some outfits, or just send me some photos of you in the outfits and we can help pick the best options too! 

Coordinate your colors. Pair a dark green dress and for your fiancé a light green shirt. You can also wear complimentary colors. Remember what your middle school art teacher told you about the color wheel? The color wheel shows which colors best compliment each other. The colors directly across from each other are complementary. Colors that are next to each other are more subtle, but still work well.

I generally suggest either a “casual” outfit (jeans, un-tucked button down for guys; jeans & a cute blouse for gals) or a “formal” outfit (nice pants, sweater or vest for guys; dress for gals), depending on the location of the session and what feels more natural for you as a couple. It’s important to match in formality though. One person in jeans and the other in a gown doesn’t work well! 

Layering always looks great. Jackets, cardigans, scarves etc.

Guys: Nice dark jeans, hip shoes, collared shirt and a loose tie or vest. A jacket to finish it off.

Girls: Nice jeans, paired with a dressy top, splashes of color or patterns, funky jewelry and high heels (or cocktail dress). Turn up the volume on your outfits! Simple clothes can look stunning with the right accessories. Bold jewelry, scarves, hair accessories, even purses can all really punch up your look! In the fall, jackets, hats and scarves are FABULOUS design ideas. You don’t have to freeze to get great pics!

What NOT to wear:

-Pure White, all black or matching colored shirts.

– Heavily patterned clothes.

– Tiny, bold patterns or prints DO NOT photograph well.

– Logos. People want to see YOU, not the store you bought your shirt at.

– Too many bright colors. A little pop of color is awesome, but don’t overdo it.

– Really short skirts or super short shorts. I will have you sit and lay down at times for pictures, you don’t want to be uncomfortable!

– Exactly the same outfit. You are individuals. Your clothing should reflect your unique style and personality and how well you fit together.

If you need some inspiration, click here for a PINTEREST BOARD you can look through. But PLEASE, don’t stress! Ultimately, it’s about YOU, not what you wear. So just relax, find something you feel good in and focus on having a great time together!

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